What is CSA...?

When you become a member of Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, you play a direct role in regenerating your local food system--and you get a weekly haul of farm-fresh vegetables to show for it! Unlike grocery produce, everything is harvested just hours before pick-up, maximizing taste, nutrition, and longevity. Alongside old favorites, you’ll be introduced to new varieties that open up exciting opportunities in the kitchen. Our weekly newsletter includes seasonal recipes and tips for preparing your veggies.

How does it work? Members pay the full cost of their share upfront (or split the cost into two equal payments). This enables us to purchase seeds, supplies, and equipment for the year without accruing debt. It also allows us to plan exactly how much to grow and when, so our members always have seasonal, fresh options. The bottom line: by becoming a member, you’re directly supporting a local operation run with heart. You are essential to the farm's success. You can visit the farm and talk to your farmers. CSA is based on trust, and you can rest easy knowing that we care as much about what's going into your bodies as ours!

2016 Week 13 Share

2016 Week 13 Share

"CSA…is a response and a solution to the disconnect that industrialized societies face from the land that feeds them. At a time when markets are almost always “super,” and “fresh” means flown from halfway around the globe, it is not easy to find a connection between the field down the street from you and the dinner on your table. CSA changes that. CSA unites people who are passionate about farming with people who are passionate about healthy food, healthy families, and a healthy earth."

-Local Harvest, a Multifarm CSA Handbook