What CSA members are saying about kneehigh farm:

I love supporting Kneehigh Farm. I feel very connected to Emma and our food! The produce is always top quality and super-flavorful and because it is so fresh, I find that it lasts longer than store-bought produce. The range of items is great, and I love being able to pick out what I want at the Farmers' market. I am eating a much more colorful and healthy diet thanks to Emma!

- 2018 member

This is my first CSA experience and I truly loved it. I loved experimenting with new recipes and getting out of my comfort zone. I have even learned to embrace squash! Who knew it could be delicious? Most of all I appreciated the warm welcome I received from the staff each Saturday and being a part of supporting a farm. Sharing in your struggles and successes helped me and my family feel a part of community.

- 2018 member


Kneehigh Farm is the best CSA we've been part of (and we've done several other in the region)! The quality and selection of veggies is amazing and we love discovering new varieties we've never seen before. Emma has so many veggies you just can't  find in even the best grocery stores, and they are fresh and flavorful. Saturday pick-up is a highlight of our week!

- 2018 member

"Our awesome CSA - love it! Fresh & delicious produce with recipe ideas and a blog so we can connect with the growing process. We're splitting a share this year and will be grabbing a whole share next year."

- Ann Shwartz, member


"Those regular weekly deliveries of healthy, nutritious vegetables have been something that I have been able to build my week and my life around...This CSA has meant more to me than you'll ever know.  Thank you for all you do." 

- 2014 member


"It's been wonderful! Beyond my expectations, I wish people would be more active in CSAs. Before I met you, I didn't even know about CSAs...I am already saving money to do it again!"

- Heather Balliet, member


"Farming is a very difficult job and unfortunately is not appreciated as much as it should have been, but it gives us hope that are more people realizing the importance of it and young people like yourself taking it on yourselves to provide us nourishment. THANKS!...We hope you will continue to be our farmer."

- Yeşim Erke-Magent, member


"[The quality of the veggies are] Wonderfull!! They taste so much better than the things I buy – even from the farmers markets. I really ate better this summer because of the CSA. Instead of processed foods – even when I was tired – I’d push to make something healthy and to try a new recipe. And the results were so rewarding. I’m surprised by the impact it has had on my diet and health. I also really appreciate knowing that this is a one-woman farm (with help from friends and supporters. Very inspiring. And I have an understanding of farm to table that I never had before. It makes me look differently at the food world overall. Thank you so much!!"

- Alix Webb, member


It really has been incredible to get to be connected to your farming over the last few years. It has changed so many things in my life (how I shop, think about food, eat …and how much more I feel connected to the seasons and food production)!  I had no idea it would have the effect it has had.  Thank you so very very much for that.

- 2016 member