we all have FOOD in common.

Growing nourishing food leads to stronger, more resilient communitites. Our mission is to reinvigorate our human relationship to the land, as well as with each other. By eating together, we are together. The shared conversation around a meal can be as important as the ingredients used.

Along with the farmers in the next-generation Greenhorns Movement, we want to have “Pride in a nation we’ve directly cultivated.”

We are Americans deeply in touch with our land, our place, and our role in reforming that place…The work is difficult but it's relevant. Being or becoming a farmer is a thrilling act of creation; To do so, we hold a space between the present and the future, between ecology and humanity. We are directly involved in the reconstitution of a local, resilient, and delicious food system. The impulse to farm is felt by a wide (and widening) range of Americans. We are unified in our willingness to work, to change, to sacrifice comfort and social acceptance in the pursuit of an agricultural life.

The Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers Movement