The term sustainable agriculture is a commonly used phrase. According to Merriam-Webster, sustainable is defined as "...using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged".

To us, this simply is not good enough.

Kneehigh Farm practices regenerative agriculture, rather than sustainable. We do this by prioritizing soil health, introducing biodiversity, and building community.

At Kneehigh Farm, we have a strict set of standards:

Click here for specifics on produce standards and certification.

Click here for specifics on produce standards and certification.

  • As of 2016, Kneehigh Farm is Certified Naturally Grown! "Certified Naturally Grown farmers don't use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicide, or GMOs, just like certified organic farmers. The main difference between CNG and Organic is our certification model, which relies on peer inspections, transparency, and direct relationships."


  • We grow organically. You won’t see the USDA symbol on our produce because we choose not to pursue federal certification. Rest assured knowing that all of our veggies are chemical-free, and grown with care for the land and your health.

  • We purchase organic seeds when possible and prioritize heirloom & open-pollinated varieties, which boast intense flavor and beauty. We never use chemically-treated or GMO seeds.

  • We are committed to building organic fertility, through cover crops, organic compost, crop rotation and carefully selected organic fertilizers & amendments.

  • We never spray herbicides. We manage weeds through mechanical cultivation, hand weeding, hoeing, and cover crops.

  • We use a drip irrigation system, that reduces water waste, run-off, and soil erosion.

  • We use a biodegradable “plastic” mulch to divert petroleum products from the waste stream.

Ladybug eating Mexican Bean Beetle eggs.

Ladybug eating Mexican Bean Beetle eggs.