Kneehigh Farm rents seven acres from Lundale Farm, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing land and housing to sustainable growers in North Chester County. 520 of the surrounding acres are protected by the French Creek & Pickering Land Trust, founded in 1967 by the Morris Family. “The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to preserve open space in the two watersheds through donation of easements on private land and acquisition of land for public use. The Trust was one of the earliest land trusts in the United States to use easements to preserve open space and farmland. During their time of involvement, the Trust initiated efforts that resulted in saving over 5000 acres in open space, including 2500 acres that significantly expanded several public parks.”

Until the winter of 2015, Kneehigh Farm was located outside of Emmaus, PA in the Lehigh Valley. Land was leased from The Seed Farm, a non-profit, agricultural business incubator. Farmers shared resources, infrastructure, and equipment. There, Kneehigh Farm was born and grew without much financial strain.

Now, entering its sixth year of production, Kneehigh Farm supplies a 60+ member CSA, two Farmers' Markets, and restaurants in and around the Philadelphia area.

IT’S Imperative THAT THE FARM Supports its growers financially, BUT IF IT CAN also CREATE JOBS for next generation farmers AND regenerate VACANT OR degraded LAND, WE KNOW WE'RE ON THE RIGHT PATH.