The faces of farming in America are changing.

We are among the next generation of female farmers who are passionate about regenerative food production and environmental stewardship.


Emma Cunniff

Owner, Operator

Kneehigh Farm is owned and operated by Emma Cunniff, who has been farming since 2009 on various farms throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2012, Emma moved from Santa Cruz, CA to Philadelphia, PA. She apprenticed at The Seed Farm, where she graduated from their Beginning Farmer Training Program in 2013. She then moved to the Lehigh Valley to begin Kneehigh Farm.

Emma first approached agriculture through Permaculture: heavy on observation and nature connection and light on commercial production. Her philosophy now combines ecology with a commitment to making a viable and satisfying living through farming. The ethics of Permaculture—Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share—resonate through Kneehigh Farm, now in its fifth year of production.

In the winter of 2015, Kneehigh moved to seven acres at Lundale Farm Inc., a non-profit that rents land and housing to sustainable farm operations. The new site is an opportunity for Kneehigh Farm to create a viable farm business from bare ground, and regenerate a farmscape that has been mismanaged for years. Emma's goals are to leave this land more fertile than it was found, to install infrastructure necessary for a similarly-sized vegetable farm, and leave future farmers with a fully equipped vegetable operation.

Emma is excited to have folks visit the farm, dirty their hands, and connect with where their food is grown. In her years apprenticing, these sensations and realizations pushed Emma to pursue farming as a career. It is her firm belief that everyone should get to experience the visceral satisfaction of being in nature and nurturing others. She can’t wait to share that experience with you at Kneehigh.


Audrey Davis

Hi there! My name is Audrey and I'm so excited to be working at Kneehigh Farm for my second season of farming. Last season, I completed a farm apprenticeship in Long Island, NY and before that, worked for a nutrition non-profit in Santa Fe, NM. I have fallen in love with growing vegetables that nourish myself and my community and plan to pursue a career in farming. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, dancing and taking aerial circus classes! My favorite vegetable family are the Alliums. 


Marisa Wilson

My name is Marisa Wilson and I grew up in Tennessee surrounded by cropland that didn't grow anything humans could eat. I started working on my high school's small vegetable farm and haven't been able to drag myself away from the rewarding labor that creates such delicious food and fosters such close community. When not farming, I like to read, go swimming, and munch on as many Padron Peppers as I can find.