Ruby Ball - red
Capture - green
Tiara - mini
Alcosa - Savoy
Deadon - Savoy, red


Ideal temp: 35℉

Store in a plastic bag in your fridge's crisper. Depending on variety, storage life can be between 14 - 60+ days. Peel back and discard discolored or limp outer leaves before using.


Stuffed cabbage rolls (vegetarian or beef)
Grilled cabbage "steaks"
Wedges wrapped in foil and grilled, with butter and seasoning
Braised in stock
Roasted with apples and sausage
Slaw or salad (mayonnaise-based dressing, or vinaigrette)
Chopped and sauteed in butter with poppy seeds
Sauerkraut (Kimchi used with Napa Cabbage)
Soup or stew
Stir fry with soy glazed tofu
Taco topping (with lime, cilantro and onion)
Veggie Fritters or Latkahs
Spring rolls
Cold noodle Salads
Cabbage "chips"


Beef, turkey, tofu, chicken, pork, sausage, shrimp, salmon, sour cream, mayonnaise, buttermilk, hard cheese, butter, cream, yogurt, apples, lime/citrus, toasted seeds (sesame, poppy, pumpkin), peanut, vinegars (sherry, apple cider, rice wine), fish sauce, soy sauce, chicken or beef stock, toasted sesame oil, miso, tahini, onion, scallion, potato, green or red bell pepper, radish, mushroom, tomato, beans, carrot, rice or grain, cilantro, dill, caraway, ginger, raisins.