Eleanora - Italian


Ideal temp: 50-55℉

Basil leaves will turn black when refrigerated or washed. For a bunch of basil, trim stems and place ends in water. Keep the leaves dry, and place a plastic bag over the top. A cool room is better than the fridge, but if you don't have AC or a root cellar, the fridge is better for short-term storing than a warm room. Place basil in a loosely closed bag, in the refrigerator, keeping it dry. Wash basil just before using, or not at all. Storage life: 7-14 days. 


Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella, salt, and olive oil)
Raw in green salad
Wilted or raw in pasta or egg dishes (omelettes, frittatas)
Fresh on top of pizza
Soup (pureed soups or in minestrone)
Pasta or bean salad
Spring Rolls
Ice cream or sorbet
Ice tea, cocktails, or lemonade
Flavored oils or butters


Olive oil, butter, hard and soft cheese (mozzarella, ricotta, chevre, feta, Parmasean, etc.) cream, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, navy or butter beans, grilled fish, pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, scallops, eggs, pasta dishes, crusty bread, lemon/citrus, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, eggplant, roasted beets, roasted bell peppers, summer squash, shallots, onions, garlic, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, toasted seeds (pumpkin, sunflower), capers, olives, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, chile peppers, parsley, thyme, mint, sage.